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Hoshin Kanri- the strategy approach that can unfreeze an organization through deep alignment from the tip to the stern of an organization

November 4, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm


Hoshin Kanri is the pivotal tool that systematically drives management consensus building around the vision of the organization and requires feedback from lower levels in the organization as this vision is deployed.  According to Dr. Jeffrey Liker and David Meier in their book, The Toyota Way Fieldbook, “Toyota uses the Hoshin planning process a.k.a. policy deployment, to set aligned objectives from the president to the shop floor.”

This webinar will show how to apply the Hoshin Kanri approach and how to find  TruNorth© and establish the vital few objectives.  Expect that this session will begin to unfreeze your organizations’ locked up breakthrough potential through crystal clear alignment and purpose from the C-Suite to Gemba!

We will explore 6 main steps of Hoshin planning and review the process to understand root causes and apply countermeasures when we fall shot of breakthrough along the year.  We will also see that the power of the process is to systematically establish the plan using 6 main steps- 1) WHY: Establish the mission founded on the values 2) WHAT: Build the long term vision- breakthrough objectives 3) WHAT: Build the 1 year vision- breakthrough objectives 4) HOW MUCH: Set the monthly targets that drive focus and success 5) HOW: Build the enabling tactical list 6) WHO: Who is responsible at this level to see that the metric is met and the tactical work is completed.


Any leader in the business that currently sees misalignment between individuals and groups.  Specifically, those key leaders in the business that might be considered disciples and change agents should attend in order to prepare to help the remainder of their organization see the value as well.  In addition, anyone wanting to find out more about the Hoshin Kanri (also Strategy Deployment or Policy Deployment) approach should attend.


Chad Smith, owner of Continuous Improvement Solutions, LLC and an ASQ Master Black Belt #8 and an ASQ fellow has both depth and breadth of experience in application of Hoshin Kanri.  Chad is past ASQ Master Black Belt Exam Chair and also past Chair for the Six Sigma Advisory Council, still serving on that team as a leadership team member.  Chad is a practitioner of Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, etc and practices what he calls, True Spirited Continuous Improvement. This approach brings together all improvement approaches under one tent to help organizations solve their problems in the quickest way.  Chad works hard every day to be a good servant leader, teaching others to fish for themselves.  Most importantly, Chad is a husband of 26 years to Jennifer Smith and a dad to two awesome kids, Brianna (16) and Bryson (9).